Our Strategic Partners


We are a Microsoft Certified Partner and Microsoft Cloud Solution provider on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform with our CompetencyIQ solution. Learn More Here


We partner with Agilify to provide Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) services. Agilify brings many years of experience in IPA as a practitioner and works with large scale organizations to ensure success in their automation journey. Learn More Here

Maersk Training

We partner with Mearsk Training to help clients improve safety and operational performance. Learn More Here

Sower & Associates

We partner with Sower & Associates to model and implement complex cost management, strategic sourcing, logistical design, and statistical process control solutions. Learn More Here

Genesis RTS

We partner with Genesis RTS to design and implement complex knowledge management, information management, and GIS data solutions. Learn More Here

MRE Consulting

We partner with MRE Consulting to deploy commodities trading and risk management solutions. Learn More Here