Veterans in Business!

The competition for talent is fierce. We work with companies that require personnel who have proven track records of strong leadership, project execution, and world-class performance. Based on our experience with veterans as well as my own time in the US Air Force as an F-15 Mission Commander, we confidently recommend to companies that they include veterans as a component of their talent strategy. Today’s modern military equips soldiers with skills that, in many cases, are directly transferrable to your business. ...

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Shortcomings of Compliance Training in Life Science

The life science industry is known for effectively capturing and managing training records to meet internal and external compliance requirements. Employees typically train on procedures by reading an SOP (standard operating procedure) and then sign and date an electronic or paper record to establish completion of training. The volume of SOP’s that an employee trains on is a function of the role and often associated with proximity to product touch.

However, competency is more than compliance. A typical shortcoming in these ...

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Hiring Manager Frustrations with Employee Recruitment

Typical hiring manager frustrations with employee recruitment include the time required to fill open positions and time wasted interviewing unqualified candidates. The opportunity costs experienced with delays in filling positions and unproductive management time can be significant to the business. These gaps are often symptoms of a lack of clear definition of the skills required for a position.

  • What if job candidates could objectively assess themselves against clearly defined technical and interpersonal competencies required for an open position?
  • What if job candidates ...
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