The Renewable Energy industry is affected by uncertain traditional energy prices, electric transmission and grid constraints, state-by-state policy initiatives, hesitancy around greenhouse gas strategy, and complex project financing. In addition, fuel sources for renewable energy require that developments be site-specific and impose geographical limits. Nonetheless, these industries are growing and expected to be significant components of the US energy portfolio.Boxley Group’s extensive background in the energy industry includes significant expertise in the renewable space. We can help clarify and implement strategy, outline the business life cycle, identify barriers that limit future plans, and target processes to improve performance. Our fit-for-purpose approach means that we can provide the appropriate level of assistance while adhering to budget and resource constraints. Example offerings include:

  • Designing and facilitating leadership workshops to identify strategic growth options.
  • Performing process diagnostics to map core and supporting business processes.
  • Analyzing cost drivers to focus on product/service margin improvement.
  • Identifying performance gaps and designing improvement options.
  • Mapping customer experience and developing improvement plans.

Why Us?

  • National network of legal, finance and policy experts.
  • Experience in distributed and base-load power applications.
  • Active member in Industry Associations.

Boxley Group is an active member of both Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association (TREIA) and Houston Renewable Energy Network (HREN), and has a national network of contacts in the legal, policy, and commercial sectors in renewable energy.

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