Competencies are the conduit between business strategy and execution. Maintaining a competent workforce is arguably the most significant factor in managing risk and improving efficiency within your business.

Do you understand the competencies of the people across your team or across your organization? If not, you’re not alone. Over 90% of executives surveyed indicated they didn’t have line of sight to competencies in their respective organizations. This lack of visibility stymies execution and hides exposures to risks.

Our Solution

CompetencyIQ is a new leader in competency management solutions. CompetencyIQ provides a window into your organizations capabilities, giving you unmatched intelligence and insight into the competencies of individuals, teams, and your organization as a whole.

CompetencyIQ informs and supports critical decisions such as hiring, retention, employee development, moves, deployments, and succession.

With CompetencyIQ’s intuitive design and leading-edge architecture, created by former Google software engineers, competency information and analysis are at your fingertips in the office and on your mobile devices – organizational intelligence is two-clicks away.

The engaging design and contextual help make it easy to use with minimal training.

Assess, Verify and Analyze

Simplify assessments and improve adoption through the exceptional user interface, contextual help and real-time analytics.

Easily manage and view competency evidence as well as status of certifications and other required documentation.  Provide automated notifications of approaching expirations.  Improve compliance management.

Verify results referencing predictive measures to ensure consistency of assessments across the organization.

View and analyze real-time individual, team, and organizational competency information through comprehensive dynamic filtering dashboards and reports.

Clear Organizational Intelligence….Imagine the Possibilities

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Key Features

  • ISO, API, SEMS Compliant
  • SCORM Compliant
  • Microsoft .Net Architecture
  • Mobile Device Capable (IOS and Android)
  • Two-click User Interface
  • Support for Localization
  • SaaS, ASP or Internally Hosted