7 – Critical Success Factors for Adoption of Business Transformation Initiatives

November 27, 2018

In today’s constantly evolving business technology landscape from digitalization to automation, the organization’s ability to adopt change remains a critical failure point to implementation success. According to the Harvard Business Review, in fact, more than 70 percent of most of these initiatives fail to meet stakeholder expectations. In turn, it only makes sense to monitor and measure adoption of the intended transformative effort. Comprehensive and accelerated adoption directly contributes to the organization’s ability to drive new business value, reduce costs, and deliver sustainable growth into the future.
Measuring and managing adoption can lead to increased speed of adoption, thus accelerating the project’s “time-to-value”, which has a direct and significant impact on the benefit projects deliver to the overall enterprise. Project value received earlier is worth more than the same amount received later, because it can be “employed” or reinvested quicker. This drives dramatically higher potential earning capacity for the enterprise.
Critical success factors for adoption include:
● The executive team needs to provide visible sponsorship and engagement in the program.
● Business function managers need to own and be accountable for the initiatives and milestones.
● A sense of urgency for process transformation needs to be created and communicated by management; that’s throughout the entire effort until adoption is achieved.
● Clear value needs to be delivered by milestones to achieve quick wins, build credibility, and foster buy-in.
● 80 % / 20 % – Need to target the 80 % high value change targets first, with the 20% low value more complex targets later and only if necessary.
● The adoption of transformed business processes needs to be measured to assure value is attained and as a signpost of a cultural shift.
● Have a change management plan baked into every project phase from beginning to end.

Project Success is knowing where you are and where you need to be on the Change and Adoption Curve:

Michael Whittaker mike.whittaker@boxleygroup.com is a Partner with Boxley Group www.boxleygroup.com and a seasoned industry professional with over two decades of energy consulting experience. Prior to forming Boxley Group, Mike was a senior manager with Accenture’s Global Energy and Trading & Risk practices, and senior manager with Sungard Energy Systems. Mike holds a B.S. in Geology with a minor in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Texas and an Executive MBA from Harvard.

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