About Boxley Group

Boxley Group was founded in 2009 primarily as an energy consulting firm because our core founders and consultants had extensive experience in the full energy value chain: upstream, midstream & marketing, downstream, power and renewable energy. As the firm has grown, our market offerings have expanded and we have branched out into other industries including: Health Care, Construction, Engineering, Marine Construction, Oil Field Service, Chemicals, Manufacturing, Food Distribution, High Tech, Transportation, Real Estate, and Financial Services.

  • Boxley Group differs from other consulting firms by always focusing on alignment of Commercial, Strategy, Operations, and IT dimensions of an organization. Our industry knowledge allows us to deliver value by bridging the gaps that exist between individual functions and viewpoints within an organization that typically operate in isolation.
  • Boxley Group’s business model uses a carefully vetted network of consultants. Our experience allows us to work comfortably in a multi-functional role at your company.
  • Our consultants do not have individual sales goals and do not approach client work as a stepping stone to “land and expand.” They stay flexible and nimble, and consult with our clients to provide efficient and professional services.
Our business model uses a carefully vetted network of industry veterans and experienced management consultants.
A key differentiator from other firms is our industry aligned expertise. A majority of our team members have technical backgrounds in engineering or science, with advanced degrees in either engineering or business.

We have a proven track record across a range of client needs: from strategic advisory services to identifying and correcting non-functional processes; from leading complex projects to recommending difficult decisions and leading sustainable change. We expertly and efficiently scope the challenge and execute against an agreed plan to deliver exceptional value for our clients.