Bridging the Gaps

Boxley Group consultants help to “bridge the gaps” that can exist between the four cornerstones of a business – Strategy, Operations, Commercial and Technology – facilitating collaboration to achieve common goals. We add value by recognizing important differences in the functions and viewpoints of each cornerstone while continuously focusing on alignment to deliver the best result.  Our Brochure

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7 – Critical Success Factors for Adoption of Business Transformation Initiatives

In today’s constantly evolving business technology landscape from digitalization to automation, the organization’s ability to adopt change remains a critical failure point to implementation success. According to the Harvard Business Review, in fact, more than 70 percent of most of these initiatives fail to meet stakeholder expectations. In turn, it only makes sense to monitor and measure adoption of the intended transformative effort. Comprehensive and accelerated adoption directly contributes to the organization’s ability to drive new business value, reduce costs, ...

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Organizational Change Management for Merger and Acquisition Integration

Managing Change, Creating Cultural Alignment, and Engaging and Integrating People

Merger and acquisition (M&A) integration is the process of assimilating two or more companies with different values, cultures, and resources into one cohesive unit. These integration activities drive significant change within both the buying and selling company and can create complex human capital challenges. Underestimating or oversimplifying the people-related risks can lead to inaccurate integration planning, poor collaboration, unexpected costs, and loss of important talent.

A disciplined approach to Organizational Change Management ...

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Do you know if your cybersecurity workforce is competent?

Reduce Cyber-Risk With a Competent Cybersecurity Workforce

There is a huge gap between the large number of available cybersecurity positions and the limited number of qualified resources to fill those positions. The cybersecurity workforce gap is on track to hit 1.8 million by 2022, according to Global Information Security Workforce Study (GISWS) from Frost & Sullivan for the Center for Cyber Safety and Education, with the support of (ISC)², Booz Allen Hamilton, and Alta Associates. That number represents a 20% increase ...

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Can you prove your employees are competent?

Nissan Suspends Japanese Car Production For Two Weeks

Unauthorized inspectors were used to certify cars made for the Japanese market

Japan’s second-largest automaker, Nissan Motors has suspended production in all 6 of its Japanese factories after it was discovered that uncertified technicians had conducted vehicle inspections without the required credentials to certify the cars. This comes only weeks after Nissan issued a recall for all vehicles sold in the market over the past three years.

Nissan’s shares ...

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The CEO’s Guide to Competing Through HR

This is a great article, written by Frank Bafaro, Diana Ellsworth, and Neel Gandhi of McKinsey & Company (July 2017).

It talks about the benefits of HR stepping out of its traditional silo and taking on a strategic role, using talent to drive value. HR should be a driver of strategy and deploy talent in support of it. They can do this by utilizing new technological tools which unleash the power of data analytics.

But to use data analytics, there needs to ...

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The Value of Measuring, Managing, and Accelerating Adoption

In today’s business, the value a project delivers, rarely equals what was originally estimated. One of the greatest causes of this is the “people” not readily adopting the needed changes brought on by a project. If an organization truly wants to ensure they are able to obtain the expected return on their investment, it only makes sense to monitor and measure adoption of the intended solution.

“Inspect what you expect”

If you expect full adoption, then measure it!

Boxley Group has successfully ...

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Cybersecurity and Organizational Change Management: Communication

Cybersecurity efforts to protect a business from internal/external cyber threats and safeguard critical information assets often focus only on the technology solutions, neglecting the cultural, interpersonal, social, and overall Organizational Change Management (OCM) challenges. When not taken into consideration, these non-technical elements can create unanticipated vulnerabilities that become tangible risks to the organization.

Developing and implementing a robust Cybersecurity Program is not solely an “IT project.” It is a multi-disciplinary and complex task that needs focus and attention at all levels ...

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