Competency Management Essential to Quality Talent Management

October 14, 2015

Competencies are the conduit between business strategy and execution. Boxley Group’s CompetencyIQ is utilized throughout the enterprise to support and improve business processes and the quality of decisions.  The business advantages of a robust competency management system include; improved job performance, better identification of training requirements, better results from recruiting, and easier succession planning. These advantages depend on competency profiles being detailed enough to highlight the unique qualities required for a particular position. At the same time, the data is concise enough to provide essential analytics. CompetencyIQ supports all of a company’s formal and organized approaches to ensuring it has the human talents needed to meet its business goals:

–       Human Resource Planning

–       Recruiting and Hiring

–       Talent Development

–       Learning Management

–       Job Performance and Evaluation

–       Succession and Continuity Planning

–       Critical Skill Retention

CompetencyIQ gives a clear line-of-sight into the competencies within your organization. It enables your business strategy; informs important decisions, and provides a tactical workforce view. Dynamic dashboards provide an intuitive picture of organizational capability. Appropriate personnel can be planned for, deployed, and/or contracted. It increases company agility; to better position your organization in today’s dynamic and challenging environment.

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