Hiring Manager Frustrations with Employee Recruitment

September 30, 2015

Typical hiring manager frustrations with employee recruitment include the time required to fill open positions and time wasted interviewing unqualified candidates. The opportunity costs experienced with delays in filling positions and unproductive management time can be significant to the business. These gaps are often symptoms of a lack of clear definition of the skills required for a position.

  • What if job candidates could objectively assess themselves against clearly defined technical and interpersonal competencies required for an open position?
  • What if job candidates could assess competencies on personal time without the involvement from HR?
  • What if the outcome of this activity resulted in clearly qualified candidates that can be confidently presented to the business?
  • What if the net effect of this process resulted in a decreased time to hire, increased hire quality and ultimately, lower employee turnover?

All of this is possible today by incorporating a competency-based tool and process to facilitate employee recruitment. CompetencyIQ is an easy to use solution and a comprehensive methodology to provide a window into your organizations capabilities. ComptencyIQ can provide management with insight into the competencies of individuals, teams, and your organization as a whole. CompetencyIQ informs and supports critical decisions such as hiring, retention, employee development, moves, deployments, and succession.

To find out more about CompetencyIQ, click on the link below to watch a short video:


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