Intelligent Automation – RDA, RPA, AI, Machine Learning

Leveraging Automation for Competitive Advantage

Automation, although not new, is fast becoming a key competitive business driver. The sole purpose of Automation is to minimize the mundane repetitive tasks people really don’t want or need to do in their jobs. The goal is to move people from monotonous tasks to be more free-thinking, creative and analytical creating more value in their job roles.

Advances in machine learning, natural language processing and other areas of computing are being spurred on by a veritable explosion of data, more than human teams could ever activate. Intelligent automation combines the efficiency-finding, time-saving benefits of straight automation with elements of AI — gathering input, analyzing data, and even making decisions.

At Boxley Group, we help companies design a realistic automation road map and grow their automation capability from new entry through sustainable maturity. With our strategic partners Agilify and Grooper we can design and deliver innovative industry leading automations across many industry verticals. With over 300 dedicated automation experts, Agilify is recognized as one of the premiere automation companies in North America. Grooper’s leading edge Intelligent Document Processing technologies puts them in a league of their own globally.

Automation Maturity

How We Are Different:

  • Deep industry knowledge forms the foundation for our Automation solution development.
  • We front end load (FEL) projects with a change management framework, cross-functional design, and value-focused approach to foster early adoption and to capitalize on quick wins. As a result, we have consistently led organizations through successful Automation efforts.
  • Linking information and business strategies creates a business case for Automation investments. We scrutinize the business case throughout the Automation project life cycle to gauge value and assure sound capital stewardship.
  • We tailor an adaptable approach to the current and future needs of your business, and the culture of your organization.
  • We use right-sized development and deployment methodologies.
  • Our recommendations and time-lines are realistic, actionable, and deliver value.

How We Do It:

  • Design and test Automation solutions that can be adopted early and deliver the underlying business case.
  • People and process focused delivery; enabled by Automation technology (not the other way around).
  • Roadmap Creation – We translate the strategic direction into detailed Automation implementation plans with prioritized initiatives and assigned accountabilities.
  • Sustainability – We utilize a comprehensive, holistic, and actionable change management framework approach to deliver sustainable results.