IT Portfolio Management

Leveraging IT as a Business Enabler

Our Information Technology Management Services are focused on maximizing value from IT assets and investments. Technology plans focused only on budgets and maintaining status quo often reinforce the notion that technology is just a cost of doing business, making strategy unnecessary. Boxley Group views IT as a series of investments into an overall portfolio, which on balance, needs to meet business objectives, be adoptable, and deliver a measureable return. IT is a business enabler that needs a line-of-sight alignment with the business strategy, associated processes, and human capital to maximize value. Creating this alignment is our “Bridging the Gaps” concept, and is our key mission.

How We Are Different:

We front end load (FEL) projects with a change management framework, cross-functional design, and value-focused approach to foster early adoption and to capitalize on quick wins. As a result, we have consistently led organizations through successful transformation efforts.

  • Linking technology and business strategies creates a business case for IT investments. We scrutinize the business case throughout the project life cycle to gauge value and assure sound capital stewardship.
  • We tailor an adaptable approach to the current and future needs of your business, and the culture of your organization.
  • We use right-sized methodologies.
  • Our recommendations and time-lines are realistic and actionable.

How We Do It:

  • Commercial, Process, People, and Technology Alignment – To understand future business needs, assess current IT capabilities, and identify a prioritized set of initiatives, we “Bridge the Gaps.”
  • Roadmap Creation – We translate the strategic direction into detailed implementation plans with prioritized programs and projects and assigned accountabilities.
  • Project/Program Implementation and Management – To obtain maximum benefits from IT investments, infrastructure, and service management programs, projects must be delivered on time and within budget. We use industry best-practices such as PMBOK to define KPI’s for programs, to track progress, and to provide day-to-day support.
  • Run and optimize – Our process optimization services help achieve the desired operational efficiencies, process stabilization, and process capability improvements through use of right-sized methodologies and best practices like Six Sigma.
  • Sustainability – We utilize a comprehensive, holistic, and actionable change management framework approach to deliver sustainable results.