Our Service Model

Focus on Value – Boxley Group recognizes that any consulting engagement represents an important investment of time and money on the part of our clients. We will not take an engagement unless we are confident that our work will produce tangible results well in excess of our fees. We approach our work in phases and hold regular reviews with clients to ensure the business case continues to hold true. Our singular focus on value means that there is no ambiguity about the results we are aiming to produce.

Cross-Functional Teamwork

We work side-by-side with our clients. By working together as cross-functional teams, our engagements develop ownership at an early stage, and deliver solutions that are specific to each client’s circumstances. We believe that this collaborative and flexible approach is the best way to make constructive change happen in large organizations and, more importantly, the only way to ensure sustainability.


Organizational Change Agent

Projects and initiatives create change by their very nature; successful organizations adopt change. Many organizations fail to deliver change initiatives from within because they don’t have an effective change management capability. As a result over 60% of change initiatives fail. As outside advisors and experienced change practitioners, we bring energy and creativity to drive the discovery and planning process from an independent change centered perspective. As change agents, we work with our clients to assemble effective teams and deploy change strategies and tactics that deliver success.



Without the right focus and energy on delivering value, even the best advice and plans can end up gathering dust. For us, delivery means “tangible value and results,” not “evaluate and propose.” We help our clients develop the best possible alternatives for addressing their business issues, and then support them in delivering the change process required to deliver the best possible results.



In our view, the way a company supports their initiatives has a big impact on the outcome and ultimately the sustainability of any improvements. Accordingly, as well as planning our work to help our clients identify the best alternatives, we also work with them to build long-term sustainability from the beginning. The value of new capabilities should last long after the engagement ends.


Our People

We make sure that our resources have the industry knowledge and experience available to meet the client’s needs. Each client should expect the highest level of integrity (“always do the right thing”), a high standard of service, strong support, and focus. This ensures that we deliver in accordance with our philosophy and values.