Project Portfolio Management

Prioritizing and Aligning Business Initiatives with Strategy to Drive Success

Companies continuously plan and execute initiatives in response to a wide range of business opportunities and challenges. The true value and viability of these initiatives are constantly in flux due to internal and external influences. Measuring and appropriately responding to these forces can be a difficult proposition. As a result, projects which should be modified or cancelled due to changes like a shift in corporate strategy or an inversion in commodity economics, tend to continue consuming capital unchallenged.

Boxley Group consultants have experience in leading successful projects, turning failing projects around, and developing the processes and structure for managing projects in a stream-lined portfolio. We create clarity by ranking and continuously updating initiative characteristics based on strategic fit, value to the organization, financial measures (NPV, ROCE, ROI, and Real Options), and resource limitations.

How We Are Different:

  • Boxley Group’s model of “Bridging the Gaps” between strategy, operations, commercial and technology enables us to plan and execute all types of projects, so that they are linked to the strategic vision or framework.
  • We have successfully worked with leading global companies with their project management “stage-gate” methodologies.
  • We integrate change management and communication experience with all projects believing that reporting in all directions is critical for project and portfolio visibility. This enables us to identify barriers to acceptance, and to facilitate key buy-in for portfolio success.

How We Do It:

  • Portfolio assets and business strategy alignment
  • Evaluation process
  • Portfolio risk management