Process Optimization and Lean Six Sigma

Moving From Process Management to Process Excellence

The rate of change has increased within all industries and poses an ever-growing challenge for organizations to remain competitive within their market space. These changes can result from a more competitive market, acquisitions, new regulation, or rapid growth. To retain competiveness, companies are continuously challenged to ensure that their processes are keeping pace. Boxley Group brings considerable experience and focus to deliver Process Optimization, and views it as a key part of our Change Management services.

Leveraging Lean Six Sigma to Drive Quality and Sustain Value

Delivering quality does not need to be at the expense of the budget. With the application of Lean Six Sigma (LSS) it is possible to exceed performance goals while lowering costs and ensuring quality. Delivering results is at the heart of Boxley Group resources.  We walk beside our clients to add value as solution experts who seek to be your trusted advisor for the difficult issues.
Boxley Group’s Lean Six Sigma Experts engage our clients as a dedicated team, providing services from project selection through delivery.  Whether you need an LSS Project delivered or desire to deploy a LSS Program as the foundation of your business, Boxley Group seeks to be your preferred Lean Six Sigma partner.

How We Are Different:

  • We take a pragmatic approach to Process Optimization and LSS  by including Change Management principles at an early stage to ensure that there is an effective human adoption.
  • We look at processes from a holistic perspective, and how they tie to the value drivers of the organization, to ensure that they enhance the overall business model.
  • We address softer processes that do not necessarily follow a linear process to ensure that all aspects of optimization are considered.
  • We believe in simplicity to ensure that initiatives can be easily implemented and sustained.

How We Do It:

  • Process alignment with business objectives
  • Cross-functional boundary issue resolution
  • Process governance and accountability deployment
  • Process cycle time acceleration plan
  • LSS Program Design, Deployment, and Management
  • LSS Project Deployment
  • LSS Training
  • LSS Program Support and Administration
  • Measurement and continuous improvement