Boxley Group Expertise = Competency Excellence

Strong Competency Programs Represent Tremendous Business Value

Competency Management is the process that links business requirements with workforce planning and performance, and equips leaders, managers and employees with the intelligence needed to effectively plan and execute competency development that can be objectively measured and verified.

Competency Process

Unfortunately…Competency Programs are Difficult to Implement without Expertise

Many competency management programs start with inadequate planning and little understanding of what success looks like because they tend to be unchartered territory. As opposed to typical initiatives like IT projects, competency management initiatives tend to lack proper governance and confuse stakeholders. Many organizations get buried in trivial tasks that add little value. Common pitfalls include:

  • Lack of cohesion and alignment between business functions, support functions, operations, and management.
  • Lack of ownership or understanding of the placement of competencies within the business. Example, in many cases competencies are seen as and HR responsibility, when they really should be owned and managed by the business functions they impact with the support of HR as a business partner.
  • Lack of strong senior sponsorship, because defining competencies and their business value for supporting business strategy isn’t as tangible as other business initiatives.
  • Establishing competency standards and developing competency maps is difficult without having a process and methodology established that will yield the right level of detail (too detailed their is data overload, too general and they add little value).
  • If a competency initiative has failed once, getting buy-in and support is very difficult with a new initiative.

Boxley Group applies fit-for-purpose assessment methods and tools to gather insights into an organization’s capabilities, competencies, culture, employee attitudes and performance challenges. An adequate assessment is a valuable first step towards building a more competent, capable, motivated and high-performance organization.

Every job requires a specific set of knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitude to be top performing. And these differ depending on the type and complexity of the activity. Competency assessment is all about providing a way of building the skills and knowledge people need to perform their current and future jobs.

With verifiable and quantifiable competencies, your organization will benefit from increased productivity and profitability by ensuring employees have the capability to meet their objectives and training costs will be reduced because learning and development is only provided for areas identified as needing improvement.

How We Are Different:

By utilizing Boxley Group to conduct comprehensive organizational competency assessments / audits, personal judgment and subjectivity are minimized, creating a more positive work environment and a stronger relationship between employee and employer. Boxley Group competency assessments focus on how well the employee is performing the required job skills in relation to specified performance standards. Our comprehensive competency assessments support:

  • Proprietary solutions and tools to assess and track competencies
  • Ongoing employee performance coaching
  • Acknowledgement of satisfactory and exemplary performance
  • Targeting performance deficits
  • Highlighting skills which require additional training or practice
  • Benchmarking of employee performance across organization norms
  • Defining overall competence within your organization

How We Do It:

Boxley Group’s all-inclusive competency assessment / audit system includes an organizational and competency evaluation and consist of the following:

  • Review of documentation, including; system policies and procedures in relation to the hiring and placement (recruitment), competency, and training of personnel
  • Verification that all policies and procedures relating to staff competency assurance are in place and followed properly
  • Review of the current training program for all key positions, verification of overall compliance to the program, identification of gaps, and provide recommendations
  • Assess competence level of employees regarding operations, HSE procedures, familiarity with appropriate systems, specific controls and Emergency Response capabilities. Competency Assessments focus on the following key elements:
    • Qualifications
    • Training
    • Certificates
    • Experience
    • Quality and Operations
    • Health, Safety, and Environment
    • Maintenance and Asset Management
    • Communication and Leadership
    • Knowledge of English (working language speaking and understanding status)
    • Moral of personnel
      – Review and assess HSE integration into major activities and operations
      – Competencies for each position are based upon:

      • Legal or statutory requirements (certification)
      • Qualifications necessary
      • Minimum experience requirements
      • Technical and soft skill level requirements
      • Documentation requirements

  • After a full review and engagement we score and document results. We can use our Industry Leading competency management solution CompetencyIQ or other client preferred data capture methods. For this we:
    • Establish a qualitative score based on selected areas
    • Establish a competency rating based on pre-defined criteria


      • Fully Competent
      • Well Established Competency
      • Established Competency
      • Developing Competency
      • Competency not verified