Health Care

The US Health Care industry is fragmented, and often has not kept up with the process and technology improvements that have created efficiencies in other major businesses. Whether your organization is a large hospital, physician practice, ambulatory care center, pharmaceutical company, or other healthcare entity, you are faced with ever-changing regulations, financial pressure, and competition for the key resources in healthcare: talented and engaged employees.

As healthcare spending in aggregate continues to grow as a percentage of national spending, the industry is a focus of political interests looking to reign in cost increases at both the federal and local levels. Health care providers must contain costs while providing adequate services for customers.

In this environment, it is more important than ever to continually assess both revenue growth and cost containment opportunities, and to stay ahead of regulatory compliance issues.

Boxley Group’s consultants have experience with a variety of key business issues facing the Health Care industry including clinical practice administration, revenue cycle operations, cost containment, and accreditation, Six Sigma process optimization, IT system implementation, information management, and project management. Additionally, our consultants utilize change management as a part of most engagements while addressing the interests of a wide variety of stakeholders including insurance companies, health care providers, vendors, hospitals, public sector groups and patients.

Boxley Group can give you the fresh perspective of industry professionals who bring both experience and passion for improving health care to a variety of organizations. Allow us to take the pulse of your organization, and help you to focus on your strategic and/or operational challenges.

Why Us?

  • Wide range of health care industry experience with variety of stakeholders.
  • Focus on strategic and operational assessments and optimization.
  • Include change management as an integral part of optimizing processes, managing information and containing costs.