Establishing or Updating ISO Compliant Management Systems

ISO Standards:

  • ISO 9001:2015, Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001:2015, Environmental Management System
  • ISO 45001:2015, Occupational Health and Safety
  • OHSAS 18001, Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series

Boxley Group’s robust program for establishing or updating an organization’s quality (ISO 9001), environmental (14001), and/or occupational health and safety (OHSAS 18001 and ISO 45001) management systems, is the direct result of practical experience, organizational change/behavioral theory, organizational design and development principles, and statistically valid research. We have developed a defined method which eliminates the potential pitfalls of ensuring a compliant quality, environmental, and/or health and safety management system across the enterprise.

How We Are Different:

We front end load (FEL) projects with a change management framework, cross-functional design, and value-focused approach to foster early adoption and to capitalize on quick wins. As a result, we have consistently led organizations through successful ISO efforts.

  • Completion in 6 to 12 months (depending on the size of your organization) rather than the industry average of 18 to 24 months
  • Development and deployment of organization-specific management systems which are truly representative of the way your company currently does business and are compliant with the most recent ISO standards
  • A continuous improvement system appropriate for the way you do business, not just template documentation
  • A comprehensive, adaptable, usable, auditable, and compliant program specific to your business rather than just training and guidance
  • Low touch – We do the “heaving lifting.” Time away from productive work for internal staff is minimized and business disruption is reduced.

How We Do It:

Key Program Steps

    1. KICKOFF SESSION: In a facilitated meeting with the key individuals within the organization, Boxley Group will identify the “required” business processes as defined in the applicable ISO standard(s), current business activities, and the wants and needs of the organization. The deliverable from this session is the System Map (required by all ISO standards), a document which describes how your company is meeting, or plans to meet, the specific requirements of the applicable standard(s). The system map is a tool which lists all documentation to be created and states the following information for each document: related requirement of the standard, owner, development status, and comments. The System Map will be updated as the project evolves to track progress.
    2. PROJECT SCHEDULE: Based on the information captured in the Kickoff Session, Boxley Group (in conjunction with your organization) will prepare a Project Schedule listing the activities to be performed, dates, and assigned responsibilities.
    3. REGISTRAR SELECTION: This step is starts early in the program to ensure a smooth transition to the final audit. Unless you already have a preference, Boxley Group’s will be help in selecting the best registrar for your business. We have experience with most of the top registrars and will use this knowledge in helping to identify the registrars which best fit the organization’s requirements. Although we will provide valuable decision-making information, your organization will make the final selection.
    4. DOCUMENT CONTROL: Boxley Group will create or update your document control system to be in compliance with the ISO standards.  This includes the creation of any associated procedures and training.
    5. MANAGEMENT SYSTEM MANUAL(s): A Management System Manual compliant to the applicable ISO standard(s) will be developed and reviewed in a facilitated meeting with key process owners. Boxley Group customizes your manual to reflect your vision.  Boxley Group interviews your top management during a facilitated meeting to capture the essence of the company while minimizing the business disruption.  The Management System Manual will describe the organization in a way that new employees or key clients can understand without reading all of your procedures.  The manual sets the policy, addresses why processes are needed, and establishes the overall Management System structure. Using a facilitated meeting enables us to quickly achieve consensus.
    6. LEVEL 2 DOCUMENTATION DEVELOPMENT:   Using the System Map as a “to do” list and the processes already established within the organization, Boxley Group will conduct facilitated meetings with process owners to document all Level 2 procedures needed to become compliant with the applicable ISO standard(s). Boxley Group will conduct a facilitated meeting for each identified procedure. These meetings may include process owners, suppliers, and customers (of the process) as defined by the process owner. The purpose of a facilitated meeting is to train the process team on its responsibilities, create or update the process, capture the information needed for compliance with the standard(s), and establish interdepartmental alignment. Boxley Group will prepare a draft of the resulting procedure. The major benefits of BG’s facilitated meeting approach are:
      • Quick consensus on procedure definitions, which greatly minimizes your internal staff time.
      • All key people in attendance become co-authors of the process, thereby taking full ownership.
      • Involvement in the meetings motivates people to use the processes which they helped author.
      • Boxley Group’s method of procedure documentation not only meets the requirements of the standard but also captures the current day-to-day processes which are specific to your organization.
      • Using Boxley Group as the sole facilitator results in a consistent documentation format.
    7. PRE-EXISTING DOCUMENTATION: Pre-existing documentation that is provided to Boxley Group will be reviewed for adequacy and compliance to the applicable standard(s) and higher-level documentation/requirements. Boxley Group will work with your organization to plan the integration of any existing documentation. Boxley Group will also review all non-technical/technical Level 3 & 4 documentation for format and adequacy.
    8. COMPANY-WIDE TRAINING: Boxley Group will provide instructor-led training sessions for all employees. This training will address the elements of the applicable ISO standards and the impact on the business system as it relates to the attendees. The training also identifies the groups or departments which will likely be responsible for implementing specific elements of the standard, describes tasks typically required to achieve compliance, discusses the auditing approach typically used by registrars, describes what an employee can expect during an audit, and reviews how the employees should conduct themselves during the different types of audits. Training is typically conducted in one-hour sessions with groups of 20 – 25 people so as to keep the training interactive and maximize employee benefit.
    9. INTERNAL AUDIT TRAINING: To ensure continuous application of the newly developed/updated management system, Boxley Group will provide three days of classroom education and participant materials for the internal audit team members. This training includes a review of the applicable ISO standards, auditing principles, case studies, participant activities, discussions, and certificates of completion.
    10. INTERNAL AUDIT: Boxley Group will provide valuable assistance while mentoring your internal auditors through their first internal audit.  Boxley Group will make sure the audit is thorough, the proper reports are developed, and each auditor is comfortable with the process. The internal audit will include all departments, all shifts, the management system documentation, and all applicable elements of the applicable ISO standard(s).
    11. PRELIMINARY AUDIT SUPPORT: After the internal audit, Boxley Group will assist your organization to ensure all corrective actions have been made and the entire organization is prepared for the preliminary audit (the “Dress Rehearsal” with the registrar).  Boxley Group attends the pre-audit to review and interpret any findings with your organization
    12. REGISTRATION AUDIT SUPPORT: The final registration assessment is normally completed within two months of the pre-assessment. Boxley Group will prepare your organization for the final audit with the registrar.  After preparing for the audit, Boxley Group will attend the registration audit to ensure the audit runs smoothly and any minor findings can be immediately corrected.
      • System Map
      • Customized Level 1 Documentation, Manual(s)
      • Customized Level 2 Documentation, Procedures
      • Company-Wide Training Materials
      • Internal Audit Training Materials and Mentoring
      • Preliminary Assessment and Registration Audit Assistance