Saturday Night at Port Fourchon

September 30, 2015

A company sends a crew to be deployed on an offshore maintenance project for a high value customer. Upon arrival, it is discovered that some of the crew do not have proof of required certifications, nor can it be confirmed that the crewmembers have the necessary competencies for the work to be accomplished. As a result, the crew is not allowed to board, an important customer is let down and the weekend becomes a fire drill for operations.

This did happen, and it may hit close to home for you. We are showing them now how deploying our competency management solution, CompetencyIQ, addresses all of these problems. With CompetencyIQ, competencies are aligned, assessed and verified against functional, regulatory, policy/process, client requirements and results are viewed through dynamic dashboards and powerful analytics. Results can also be viewed in the framework of your business value chain. Management can use the dynamic dashboards and real-time analytics to identify and deploy the right personnel.

CompetencyIQ is optimized for mobile devices, so supervisors and crewmembers can access profiles and provide instant online as well as printed reports, on location, clearly showing training and certifications are up to date.

If this sounds like a solution for your company’s crew deployment and compliance challenges, check out CompetencyIQ.

To find out more about CompetencyIQ, click on the link below to watch a short video:

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