AdopTrack™ Measuring, Managing, and Accelerating Adoption for Improved Value Creation

The Value of Managing Adoption

In today’s business, the value a project delivers, rarely equals what was originally estimated. One of the greatest causes of this is the “people” not readily adopting the needed changes brought on by a project. If an organization truly wants to ensure they are able to obtain the expected return on their investment, it only makes sense to monitor and measure adoption of the intended solution.

“Inspect what you expect” If you expect full adoption, then measure it!

Boxley Group’s AdopTrack™ Solution

Boxley Group has successfully developed an adoption measurement, management, and acceleration system called AdopTrack™. Comprehensive and accelerated adoption directly contributes to the organization’s ability to drive new business value, reduce costs, and deliver sustainable growth into the future.

The AdopTrack™ solution measures adoption, ties adoption back to benefit realization, and facilitates adoption acceleration.

Adoption Metrics

The AdopTrack™ system can be utilized within unique departments, across business units, geographical regions, or any combination of these based on logical groupings, reporting structures, and/or the magnitude and scope of the project.

“You get what you measure”

These intra-organizational adoption measures provide a visible competitive motivator and actionable leadership metrics. This simple and powerful activity brings to life, in a dashboard format, the business value the organization is achieving as adoption is accelerated and also focuses attention on the benefits which are not being realized, due to the deficiency of adoption. This data is an influential motivator, and supports enriched leadership decision making.

AdopTrack™ Accelerates a Project’s Time-To-Value

Measuring and managing adoption can also lead to increased speed of adoption, thus accelerating the project’s “time-to-value”, which has a direct and significate impact on the benefit projects deliver to the overall enterprise. Project value received earlier is worth more than the same amount received later, because it can be “employed” or reinvested quicker. This drives dramatically higher potential earning capacity for the enterprise.

Strategic Value Improvement

The ability to adapt to change is a key component for organizations to stay competitive in an ever-changing and more complex business environment.

The simple yet powerful AdopTrack™ System creates value for our clients at levels beyond expectation.