Veterans in Business!

November 11, 2015

The competition for talent is fierce. We work with companies that require personnel who have proven track records of strong leadership, project execution, and world-class performance. Based on our experience with veterans as well as my own time in the US Air Force as an F-15 Mission Commander, we confidently recommend to companies that they include veterans as a component of their talent strategy. Today’s modern military equips soldiers with skills that, in many cases, are directly transferrable to your business.  Veteran’s emerging from the military today, in most cases, have held levels of responsibility and operated as highly effective team members in environments of tempo, risk and pressure that their contemporaries will likely never experience.  The energy industry, among others, knows the value of this unique segment of the work force and we have seen many successful stories, especially at the Rice University Jones Graduate School of Business Veterans in Business Association (VIBA).

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