How We Do It


Value is a word that gets thrown around a lot. At Boxley Group, we believe that every consulting engagement represents a serious investment of our client’s time and money. We won’t take a project unless we’re confident we can deliver tangible results well in excess of our fees.

To that end, we employ a disciplined methodology in synchronized collaboration, including appropriate benchmarks and reviews, to successfully connect the dots between assessment, recommendation, and implementation.



Whether you want to streamline your existing processes, maximize the use of your existing software, or integrate processes for acquisition integration, centralize a function, or document processes to select and implement a new software, Boxley Group works with you to efficiently accomplish your goals. We tailor our approach and methodology to you. Often, Boxley Group’s Process by the Numbers, which captures in depth detail on your processes, people, tasks, desktops, applications and systems, is our client’s preference. Within weeks – not months – it provides recommendations for improvement with a roadmap for getting there.


People are your most valuable assets, so it’s critical that their talents are being most effectively and efficiently applied. Using the information collected from an assessment, Boxley Group can help you redirect your resources, retrain staff, or improve processes and maximize the use of your existing software to achieve your objectives.

Technology and Data


With a focus on process improvement and automation, Boxley Group’s Technology & Data teams work with your executives to implement cost reduction, digitalization, and scale in an organization. Boxley makes sure the right people, processes, technology, and data are in place to add real value to the bottom line and create sustainable long-term results.

Leveraging off our process analysis, typical technology projects include, system selections, Project Management over implementations, disruptive technologies, data integrity and management, and acquisition integration.

Our consultants have successfully implemented software conversions and migrations for clients and have worked together as a team for over 15 years, including the execution of data cleansing, mapping, conversion, process transformation, and change management.