• A Major Breakthrough in Competency Management

    Boxley Group has launched it’s much anticipated CompetencyIQ® solution. CompetencyIQ® revolutionizes how competencies are managed within an organization. It provides a window into an organizations capabilities giving unmatched intelligence and insight into the competencies of individuals, teams, and your organization as a whole.

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    A Major Breakthrough in Competency Management
  • Bridging the Gaps

    Boxley Group consultants help to “bridge the gaps” that can exist between the four cornerstones of a business – Strategy, Operations, Commercial and Technology – facilitating collaboration to achieve common goals. We add value by recognizing important differences in the functions and viewpoints of each cornerstone while continuously focusing on alignment to deliver the best result.  Our Brochure…..

    Bridging the Gaps
  • Business Strategy & Planning

    One of the leading causes of business failure is not having a strategic plan in place that is being well implemented and effectively measured. In order for a business to be successful, there needs to be a roadmap for success. Boxley works with your team in establishing a structured implementation by:

    • Breaking the strategy down into manageable segments;
    • Identifying steps, initiatives and milestones for the goal
    • Using proven tools to provide clear measurement

    Business Strategy & Planning
  • Health, Environment & Safety (HES)

    For Health, Environment & Safety (HES), we draw on energy industry knowledge including the well delivery process, regulatory landscape, and risk management to assist clients with HES challenges.

    Specialties include: Contractor Management Process, Audit Readiness, Safety Culture Development, Organizational Capability Systems, and Program Optimization.

    Health, Environment & Safety (HES)
  • Organizational Change Management

    Significant capital, time and effectiveness can be lost if projects do not include a true change management component. Boxley Group employs a fit-for-purpose change methodology in all of its projects, using our strong industry experience to determine the best approach to eliminate change barriers, effect change, and mitigate organizational turmoil.

    Organizational Change Management
  • Business Solution Deployment

    We provide expertise across all phases of the business solution deployment lifecycle – Identify, Select, Define, Deploy, and Operate/Sustain. Behavior change is key so we focus on people as well as full alignment with business processes to drive adoption and track results. Our approach enables fuller realization of the solution investment.

    Business Solution Deployment
  • Information Management

    Frequently, Information Management (IM) initiatives focus on the technology alone and not the underlying behaviors. At Boxley Group we believe end users cannot outsource the ownership of information and that the users have the responsibility to be good information stewards.

    Our IM solutions have been delivered working directly for the Oil & Gas Upstream Business functions including Reservoir Management, Drilling & Completions, and Exploration as well as support functions such as Supply Chain and Legal.

    Information Management
We Focus Our Energy On Delivery

Without the right focus and energy on delivering value, even the best advice and plans can end up gathering dust. For us, delivery means “tangible value and results,” not “evaluate and propose.” We help our clients build long-term sustainability from the beginning.

Experienced Consultants Providing Outstanding Value

Our seasoned consultants hit the ground running and are not learning on your time and dollar. Our rates are competitive. All of our consultants have successful energy industry or consulting backgrounds.

Change Management is a Key Part of Delivery

We take a pragmatic and practical approach to delivering change that is sustainable and fit-for-purpose. Change management is integrated as needed into every major project phase.

Trusted Partner that Truly Understands Your Challenges

We know it is imperative to understand the nature and context of your business. One of our core values is a client-centric focus that establishes trusting and lasting relationships within the energy industry.

Their industry knowledge and experience in relation to their rates is a remarkable value in the Houston energy market.Procurement Manager, Large Integrated Energy Company

They really hit it out of the ball park!Wells Team Leader, Large Integrated Energy Company.

About Us

Our consultants’ extensive experience working with a variety of energy companies, from small start-up firms to large, multi-national corporations, gives us a unique global perspective.

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